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Road to Provincials: Day 46/231

By Dave Leek | In Road to Provincials | on December 5, 2014

December 5, 2014

Road to Provincials: Day 46/231

Weight: 221

This week has been a bit of a lazy one and my blog presence has suffered because of it. As mentioned in a few previous blogs, the winter months always put a damper on my overall mood and motivation and to top it off, I’m starting to feel a little rundown from either a little overtraining or under sleeping (or both) so I’ve just been going to work, training my clients, squeaking by in my workouts and then coming home and pretty much laying around until I fall asleep. Sounds exciting eh?

I’m horrible at taking off days from the gym but I really felt the need to lay off a bit this week so I’ve been banging out a few sets here and there of some light work and that’s about it. I’m not stressing about fitting in a full hour’s worth of work and just stopping when I feel like it instead of pushing until absolute failure and exhaustion every set/workout. Not much to write home about that’s for sure but it will help me in the long run. The idea is to give my body a week or so to recover a little bit from dialing back the stress put on me from the gym and then bounce back even harder next week.

I’ve also noticed I’ve fallen back into a habit of cramming caffeine down my throat all day every day again which means it’s time to clean the system out from that crap for a bit too. Lately I’ve been starting every day with a coffee, sometimes getting a second one in there and then drinking pre-workout supplements almost daily to get through my workouts (which is now more placebo than actual effect due to my continued use over the past few months). I guess it could be worse but I just know that I feel better when I clean the system out for a bit so a little thirty day caffeine detox is in effect starting tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll go crazy and get a little cranky with my clients for the first week but it will be worth it in the end. Besides, cranky Dave the trainer talks less and pushes his clients harder in the gym so really it’s a win-win.

Time to go throw around a few weights and then head home to hang with the pooch for a bit on my mid day break before coming back for my evening clients. I’m just kind of going with the flow today and doing some random exercises to keep some light movement in the day but next week I’ll be back on track and going hard for another two months before taking another half week or so off. Over the weekend I’ll throw up my new so you can check that out.

I’m feeling pretty good with where I’m sitting in the big picture. My weight has been hovering a bit higher around the 220-225 mark which is good but hopefully the next two months of focused training and gluttonous eating will push that up a bit closer to the 230 mark before diet time rolls around on February 14th. From there it’s a nice long sixteen weeks of slow dieting to dial me in to what I’m hoping will be a sliced and diced 200-205 pound version of myself.

That’s all for now. I’ll check back in in a few days. Have a good weekend folks!


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