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Road to Provincials: Day 26/231

By Dave Leek | In Gym, Self Image, Weight Training | on November 15, 2014

November 15, 2014

Road to Provincials: Day 26/231

Weight: 218.9

It’s Saturday morning and I’m taking a quick break between exercises to get this blog started. I’ve got a light day of training with only one client coming in today at noon so I decided to come in early and blast these shoulders so I don’t have to stick around afterwards.

I’ve decided to do a little cut for the next 6 weeks to dial in a bit for Christmas. I’m calling it Operation: Abs for Xmas. Every year I let the diet slip even more around the holidays and then I go nuts with rum and eggnog (my weakness) and all kinds of other shit during the week of Christmas break and end up feeling like a fat piece of crap come New Year. Who wants that? The goal this year is to clean things up for the following 6 weeks and then allow myself to eat and drink what I want on Christmas with family and friends. I’ll maintain a much better physique into the new year and won’t feel so down on myself to start 2015. I’ll also have abs for Christmas which rarely happens.


At first I was hesitant to do this seeing as how it’s completely counterproductive to my weight gain goal but I still have a solid 7 months or so and dropping a few percentages of body fat now will help make my prep a little easier when it comes time to start dieting. I’m alright with losing a few pounds now to lean down and then I’ll continue building up in the new year until around February when it’s time to start getting ready for my show.

Of course, as soon as I decide to go 100% clean on the diet, I come in to work today only to find this big ass box of Halloween candy sitting in my office that was so generously donated to the trainers. I guess this is test #1.

The devil in disguise.

The devil in disguise.


I’m not going to be doing anything drastic in regards to calorie deficit. In fact, the calories will stay right around the same as I’m consuming now. What I plan to do is add in some steady state cardio a few times per week, finish my workouts with a short metabolic conditioning (4-6 minutes) and then remove grains from the diet, avoid sugars at all costs, skip on any processed foods or alcohol and drink nothing but water and protein shakes. Lastly, I will add in a little bit of carb cycling by removing carbohydrates almost entirely from the days I don’t workout. This should be all that’s needed to help me shed a few pounds of fat without sacrificing too much muscle mass.

Training is going well still so that won’t change for another couple weeks but I’ll be sure to update you with the program change when the time comes. I feel like I’ve seen some noticeable difference in both my legs and shoulders from this current routine which makes me happy and even though I’m not really working in the ‘strength building’ realm, my weights have climbed up a bit with most of my lifts so all in all it’s been a success on that side of things thus far.

Well I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, I’m off to do the same. Catch you tomorrow,


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