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Road to Provincials: Day 19/231

By Dave Leek | In Gym, Self Image, Weight Training | on November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014

Road to Provincials: Day 19/231

Weight: 219.8 (clothes & shoes on – probably closer to 216)

Well this road is proving to be a lot more difficult than I expected. If there isn’t an immediate deadline approaching, it is extremely difficult for me to find the drive to make every action of every day count, 100%. I am just as driven as ever and I’m focused on the end goal but when you’re looking so far down the road, it seems insignificant if you skip some cardio or eat some crap food every now and then instead of hitting every prescribed workout and following an off season meal plan to a tee.

I hate approaching things with an ‘all or nothing’ attitude because it’s unrealistic and usually ends up causing me more stress than anything but I’m starting to get the itch to attack this goal in that manner as of late. I hate feeling as if I’m not giving something 100% especially when I tell myself that it’s something important to me. I feel like, if it was important, I’d be making it happen already. With that said, I want to put more into this goal by jumping into this lifestyle head first and becoming a little one dimensional for a bit, at least until I establish some better habits (waking up early, eating healthier, finishing all of the workouts I write for myself, etc.). What I mean by this is I think I want to become that typical gym rat who spends most of their time working out, cooking/eating food, reading health and fitness articles/books, spending their money on food/supplements/workout gear and walking around hooked up to a protein IV all day grunting at passersby. I’m close to that lifestyle already (minus the protein drip and caveman grunts) but I allow myself to have too many distractions right now that aren’t worth my time (TV, aimless internet surfing, games on my phone and other stupid shit) that is making me dumber instead of effectively bringing me closer to my goals. I won’t be happy until I know that each of my actions are bringing me closer to the ‘me’ I want to be.


The only down time I plan to give myself is time to spend with my fiancé, my dog, my family and my friends. Those are extremely important to me and my well-being so I won’t sacrifice time spent with them. Other than that, I plan to live at the gym and in my study working to better myself daily as a trainee, a competitor, a trainer, a coach, a husband, a son and a friend. C.A.N.I. – constant and never-ending improvement. This is what my life needs to be about regardless of what my goals are. Any time spent doing other shit needs to end now otherwise I’ll never change and I’ll continue living my worst fear – remaining stagnant and being mediocre. Enough people are already living that life, I want something more.

It’s time to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone more often until I forge the habits that will make me who I want to be and it’s going to start today with this new mindset.

Now it’s time to hit the gym and get some work done. I recently picked up a GoodLife membership again so that I can mix up where I train as I thrive on the variety at times so I’m pretty excited to get my ass down there and do some damage.

Have a good day everyone, I’ll see ya’s tomorrow.


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