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“Originally I was recommended to Dea, when she suggested you I admit I was a little unsure, might have been partly comfort level working with a male. But then I found out more info such as the years you had been training for, along with some of the help you were able to provide with her clients where needed; plus we met and discussed all my options and my decision was made almost instantly! I felt with you I would get what I really needed from the training, that you actually cared about your clients success and we weren’t just something you did to earn a buck.

Initially I made the decision to seek a trainer because between a combination of stress and health problems that contributed to weight gain and having little help from doctors etc., I knew that I needed to take matters into my own hands if I wanted to get healthy. Weight has never been an issue for me until the last few years and with the health issues on top of it I was at such a loss. As much as I wanted to start all this to lose weight, I also wanted to learn how to live healthy in general. People do not realize….I never realized how unhealthy they are actually living, even during times that I thought I was eating and living a bit healthier. It still amazes me the knowledge and tools I’ve gained through working with you and I hope to continue to grow, learn and find ways to apply it to my everyday life – even when ‘life’ gets in the way sometimes.

The training services I received far exceeded what one could expect. I was amazed to have help with meal plans, contact if I needed it in between training sessions for any questions or concerns and helpful tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of my training.

What stands out….hmmmm, honestly it all does! No matter how bad my day was, you were able to turn it around. No matter how lazy I was, you found a way to motivate me to push through. You did research to help me find ways I could deal with my health problems on my own. You weren’t only a trainer but a sounding board to let me vent and get rid of some of the stress that may affect my results. As long as you knew I was serious about achieving my goals…..I knew you would always support me, no matter what obstacles got in my way. And you always helped keep me POSITIVE…..I’ve learned how to change my way of thinking since working with you and be the person I had lost for a long time. There are still struggles, and may always be, but training with you was a stepping stone to my life moving forward.

Probably the most valuable thing I learned is how to apply both exercise and a healthy diet to my everyday life so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle and make it work for me. It won’t always be easy, but I definitely notice a change in how I feel when I get off track and it and motivates me to get back on track as soon as possible.

I’m still working on my own to achieve my goals but if I had to choose the most important benefit gained from working together – it would be that I now know that nothing is impossible and that there is no ‘can’t’ for me….because I ‘CAN’!

I’ve seen you work with different types of situations and people. I think my situation may have been a slight challenge because it always seemed like I had a new obstacle, so I think you can work with anyone and be able to offer them what they need.

Just keep being you Dave and keep moving forward with your business. You chose the perfect profession and I think any client should be extremely grateful if they get the opportunity to work with you.

All in all you are amazing and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with you. I hope someday we will get the opportunity to train together again.”


“I just wanted to take a moment to share with everyone what a GREAT person/trainer Dave Leek is. I recently was going through a rough time and was having trouble seeing the positives, but Dave went above and beyond what I expected any trainer to do to make me smile again. On top of everything else I had bought a dress for the gala and loved it, but accidentally grabbed a size too small – Dave was certain it was going to fit, I was not. Yesterday I went in to try on the dress, feeling nervous that I hadn’t hit that goal yet but I tried it on anyways. I couldn’t believe it, the dress fit (2 weeks ahead of schedule too). Not only was I excited but Dave was as excited as I was when we saw the drastic change in the numbers. Yesterday we had the most energetic high fives so far, and I’m still on cloud 9! Thank you Dave!!!!”



“There was a combination of factors in deciding to work with Dave. First and foremost, he walks the walk. I knew this from knowing Dave personally but it isn’t difficult to tell from looking at him that he also hit the gym hard. On top of that, I knew we had a shared interest in athletics and that he could easily identify sport specific exercises to help my game.

I love sports and have always been active but never did any strength training. The last couple of years I found I was injured more often and had one shoulder injury that required rehab. The usual little aches lasted longer and longer and at 35 years old I noticed a major drop off in speed. If I didn’t get in better shape I realized my playing days would be coming to an end sooner than I would like, either due to injury or because I could no longer compete

The services I received from Dave were outstanding and so much more than I expected! Not only did I get 2 guaranteed great workouts a week with Dave in the gym, he also provided a year long “prescription” for the various phases of workouts that I would be doing, routines to do on my own that complimented what we did together and also some great diet and nutrition advice.

One of the biggest things I learned from working with Dave is that “cardio” does not mean I have to spend an hour jogging. Interval training combined with pushing, pulling and lifting some weight will get my heart rate up and save me buckets of time in the gym while also giving me much better results.

I enjoyed how Dave explained why we were doing certain things. We didn’t just get together and do work in the gym, it was an education in training as well. Having this information has set me up to be successful on my own moving forward.

The single most important benefit for me can’t really be quantified. Top on my goals list was to improve my athletic performance while eliminating injuries. I certainly do feel much quicker on the basketball court and am not getting pushed around the floor by anyone. I also wake up the next morning after a game and feel great. Instead of being stiff and sore, I am good to go workout again. That alone is pretty amazing to me. To quantify some of my results though, here are some of the side effects of improving my athletic performance:

-Lost a pant size

-Gained visible abs

-Went from never having done a deadlift to a max of 265lbs (1.75% of my bodyweight in 6 months)


It is obvious that Dave puts in a lot of effort to allow his clients to be successful. He is informative – Dave instructs on the proper way to do lifts in an easy to understand way, he also explains why we are doing certain exercises so his clients learn and benefit from that knowledge and he is relaxed – There is no loafing around in the gym, but in between sets while resting or before/after work outs, he is very personable and easy to talk to.

From what I have seen, Dave will be able to help anyone with their fitness goals. The type of person that I think would most benefit from his help though is someone with an open mind and willingness to implement more than just a workout routine. If you are willing to try to compliment your exercise with diet and lifestyle changes you will get so much more out of your time with Dave.”



“I decided I needed a personal trainer because I wanted to get in shape, but walking into the gym alone was an overwhelming experience. I didn’t know where to start. I started working out with a trainer at a national chain, but looking back the trainers there just didn’t cut it in comparison to Dave.

He’s in a league of his own. When we’re working out together he motivates me to push myself harder than I ever would on my own. But the greatest value is in the confidence and knowledge he’s given me to enable me to go to the gym on my own and still have a great workout. Looking in the mirror without my shirt on isn’t so scary anymore.”



“My reason for training with a professional personal trainer was to help me learn how to implement a strength training program into my life. I knew many exercises and roughly what I should be doing, but had difficulty having confidence in pushing myself regularly (at least 3 times a week). I also wanted to make every workout effective, and on my own was having promblems staying motivated during workouts.

My lifestyle before I began personal training consisted of me working out about 3 times a week, mostly just cardio, maybe a bit of strength training, because I didn’t feel confident. Nutritionally, I tended to eat too much at night and not enough healthy, balanced meals during the day.

As soon as I began working with Dave my strength and overall self appearance improved. My workouts were much more effective with a trainer, because I had someone telling me what to do, so I couldn’t “second guess” or “talk myself out of” training. I also gained knowledge and confidence in strength training (including techniques I can continue using, how to go about creating and following an exercise program, and staying motivated).

From the first workout we did, to the last my strength increased in every exercise. When we began I could only do 2 sets of 15 pushups on my knees, and by the last workout I could do 3 sets of 5 full push-ups along with 17 pushups from my knees. I noticed a huge difference in my energy and strength in day to day activities, and gained motivation to eat right when I was exercising.

Every workout I responded with “I can’t do it” to my trainer at least one point, and he pushed me through. The confidence from pushing through even one set of one exercise when I thought I couldn’t gave me more faith in myself. Motivation was a problem for me whenever I worked out on my own, and my trainer, Dave, gave me sayings and thoughts to focus on so that I am more successful when I exercise. I also had a complete hate of doing ab exercises at the beginning, and now I love working out my abs!

My favourite part about personal training was being pushed with heavy weights when I thought they were to heavy initially and then realizing I could do it.

Overall I had a great experience with Dave and I would absolutely recommend working with him because he is so full of energy, motivating, and informative.”



“I was always in pretty good shape until about two years ago when my son was born and I stopped working out. Then I got out of shape and started to get injured in all the sports I was playing and it started to affect my job.

I began training with Dave Leek and right away I was hooked. I liked how he was always trying to make me better by positive reinforcement and never letting me under-achieve. While working together I was always motivated to go the gym and learned a lot about training. Every month we would do measurements to see how I was doing and I was always improving. My diet was the hardest thing to overcome but I lost over 15 pounds of fat!

After training with Dave for nearly nine months I am injury free because my muscles are stronger, I eat better and I have better work ethics as well as more energy.

My experience with Dave was great and I would recommend him to anyone. It was absolutely one of the best things I did in my life and well worth the money.”



“I originally decided to work with Dave because he seemed dedicated, knowledgeable and motivating. At the time I needed motivation and results to convince me to keep with a program. Working with Dave as my personal trainer met all of my expectations and in some areas exceeded my expectations.

I would have to say that my biggest insight from working with Dave was that I was able to push through very challenging exercises that I didn’t think possible. Moving forward I was never concerned about working in a co-ed environment ever again! Not only did I find the confidence to motivate myself to push through the hard work but with Dave I also managed to lose inches and improve my overall body composition.

Dave respects his clients’ concerns and abilities and finds ways to work with them. I would say that the best adjectives to describe his training style would be ‘Caring’, ‘Focused’ and ‘Professionaly Organized’.

If you are someone who never challenges themselves to the level needed to see results, I would suggest working with Dave. He’s got the ability to get whatever needs to be done DONE!

The one thing that I would take away from our thoughts on working together would be ‘Integrity’ and ‘Respect’…although they seem similar they have different applications in the Personal Training world. A personal trainer has to provide integrity to get the buy in from their client and you provided that wholly. Respect is a personal feeling you get from someone and without respect in personal training I can only believe the client would fail…Dave respected all my previous injuries and made me rise above all of those challenges!

I was sad to lose Dave as my trainer at GoodLife but I am confident he chose the right reasons to move on in his career. I truly believe he was a loss to the company when he moved to more one on one servicing in a private setting. I feel he is a truly professional personal trainer and has a very successful career ahead of him wherever the turns take him. I can’t imagine a client that he challenges being dissapointed or underserviced!”



“Before I started training with Dave I felt I had reached a plateau on my own and figured I needed some professional help to reach my goals. While working with Dave I learned a lot about how to organize my workout sessions, how to do different exercises and also how to vary them up when my results were slowing down. During this time I was also encouraged a lot by Dave which helped me push harder than usual in our workouts together as well as when I did my own solo workouts. My progress was measured on a regular basis and due to the training I was able to increase my strength, reduce body fat percentage and also lose a few pounds while at it.
I now go the gym more frequently and have realized the importance of including both resistance training and more cardio oriented workouts into my weekly routine.”




“I originally started training a few years ago after working out on my own for so long and not getting the results I wanted. I started working with Dave and he helped me get to a weight I never thought I’d see! Since I was at my goal weight, I started slacking a bit with the diet and workouts, and over the last couple years I gained the weight back. I started training with Dave again because I knew if he got me results the first time, that I would get them again!

Working with Dave was challenging, but in a good way because he pushed me and motivated me to work harder than I would if I were on my own. He helped me out a lot with nutrition as well, and since I was being weighed each week I had no choice but to keep a clean diet, and now that is just how I like to eat! He’s also a lot of fun to work with so I didn’t feel uncomfortable if I couldn’t do an exercise properly or lift a certain weight etc.

My goal was to lose at least 15lbs in 8 weeks and I lost 18lbs! I also wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and Dave got me back on track. The workouts were always different, which was good because I wasn’t doing the same exercises each session. We did a variety of different exercises like rope work, circuit training, weight-lifting, cardio etc. My goal is to lose another 10lbs, and continue to eat healthy and stay in shape.

Thanks to Dave I know I will have no problem getting to where I want to be, and keeping it off this time! THANK YOU, DAVE LEEK!”