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Road to Provincials: Day 59/231

By Dave Leek | In Road to Provincials | on December 18, 2014

December 18, 2014

Road to Provincials: Day 59/231

Weight: 220

Leg Day is upon us my friends. I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday so my leg workout got cut short, which means that today is legs yet again. Redemption time baby.

I’m still feeling the aftermath of my chest workout on Monday (don’t remember the last time I hurt this much for this long – awesome) which makes me a bit scared of what to expect from my lower body if I hit it with the same tenacity. We all love that ‘can’t walk, hurts to sit down’ feeling but it’s also a major pain the ass – literally – which always makes me sigh inside when I know it’s coming.

Here’s the lift for today:


Warm up – 5min (Bike)

Leg Extensions                        4/12-15

Leg Curls                                    4/12-15

Smith Machine Squats            4/12-15

Leg Press                                    4/12-15

Leg Extensions (SS)                        4/20-30

BB RDLs                                    4/20-30

Seated Calf Press                        5/20-30

Leg Press Calf Press                        5/20-30


Yesterday was a bit of a bummer having to quit not even half way in so I plan on taking this bitch to failure today. I don’t adore training legs as much as my license plate might insinuate but I do love a good old leg pump that gives you a front wedgie and makes you walk funny.

I fear that my energy might be less than optimal for this though seeing as how my diet has been a major downfall still. I’m still struggling to master early mornings and 100% clean eating – these are my demons. The poor food choices have led to an increased level of body fat and much more acidic feeling workouts. I notice a direct relation between shitty food and how fast my muscles start to burn in my workouts. When properly fueled I can go for days, when I’m eating crap, it’s like I’m trying to run on fumes and that’s tough.

Prep can’t get here fast enough for me, I want the heavy incentive hanging over my head. Like many people, if I know I have an out, I’ll take it. If I have a deadline (especially one that involves me walking on stage in nothing but a pair of board shorts), I’m much more inclined to eat clean, train harder, supplement regularly and do the required cardio. The ultimate goal is to train myself to display that discipline with or without a looming deadline. Until then I’ll continue to use contest prep, upcoming races and beach days as that form of forced motivation. Whatever works right?

Time to get at it here. Have a good day everyone. Catch you soon,


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