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Road to Provincials: Day 17/231

By Dave Leek | In Gym, Self Image, Weight Training | on November 4, 2014

November 4, 2014

Road to Provincials: Day 17/231

Weight: 216.5

It’s a gloomy Tuesday afternoon and I’m sitting here after training my morning clients with a total of 0 motivation. I’m not sure exactly why but I’m just lacking the drive I need to get the workout done I need to do today. I hate days like this. I’m guessing it has to do with the shitty weather and the lack of people in the gym today. Sometimes it’s nice to have the gym to yourself but for the most part, I prefer when there’s people in here doing their thing so I can piggy back on their energy and transfer it to my lift. Today there is none of that and I find myself not wanting to do a damn thing other than sleep in my office.

I like the new combination of bodybuilding and strength workouts I’ve been following this past month but I find the strength workouts much harder to blast through if you’re not fully amped up and ready to go because you know you have to lift much heavier and come with everything you’ve got. Fortunately for me today’s lift is a lighter volume workout, which means I’m only pushing through roughly 12-14 sets so I think I’m just going to suck it up and get this shit done.

So I definitely did not end up doing that workout. Just after I typed that last sentence about ‘sucking it up’, I walked out the office and jumped on the treadmill to begin warming up and then not five minutes later I called it quits right there, went back into my office and napped on the floor until my client showed up haha. Every now and then I get this feeling of ‘If I workout now this is going to be a shitty, half-assed lift and I’m going to be pissed that I didn’t just take a rest day’. When this happens, I’ve learned the best thing to do is to listen to my body and pass on the workout. I have a hard time putting rest days in so when days like this come around, I welcome the break and enjoy the extra recovery time. I still hate low motivation days though.

Good eats this evening and early to bed. Tomorrow will be a better, more productive day.


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