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Road to Provincials: Day 15/231

By Dave Leek | In Gym, Self Image, Weight Training | on November 2, 2014

November 2, 2014

Road to Provincials: Day 15/231

Weight: 211.3

Another week is officially in the books. Training went well, missed a few sets here and there but all in all it was solid. Eating was about the same as last week which kind of sucks considering I was hoping for a steady improvement from week to week. And cardiovascular training and core work were practically non-existent which is disappointing to say the least.

Yesterday’s eating wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t 100% clean food either but today has been pretty good with the exception of it being less than what I need. Dea and I started our day with a trip to the gym to hit some bench press and a little conditioning and then we followed it up with a little breakfast buffet. Now historically this means excessive pancakes and other waist-widening shit but today was kept pretty conservative with lots of eggs, bacon, some fruit… and only a few pieces of French toast and pancakes. In my defense, I only brought two plates back to the table instead of a typical four so I’d say this was an improvement.

The rest of the day has been pretty productive as our Sundays usually are around the Leek household. Between Dea and I, we’ve managed to tackle laundry, groceries, cleaning around the house, client programming/meal planning and now we’re doing a little team food prep to get set up for the week ahead (this is imperative for us if we’re going to be successful, especially on Sundays. If you’re not taking advantage of your one day of rest then I highly suggest you start using today as a food prep day because it’s perfect for that and it helps you start that week on the right foot). As an added bonus I’ve managed to download about five new albums to hype me up in the gym this week and make sure I get those extra two or three reps out of each set.

Even though I’m not happy with the looks of my physique after a week of virtually zero improvement, I said that I would post pictures every week religiously in hopes of helping me stay on track and make some improvements, especially as the weeks get closer to show date, so here’s this week’s shot – pretty much the same minus a little belly hair (which might have been working for me as it almost looked like a split down the middle of my abs lol).

Check out my 'not impressed' face.

Check out my ‘not impressed’ face.

This week’s upcoming focus is similar to that of the last two (eat clean, get 8+hrs of sleep/night, do core and cardio) but I’ve added a few things to the list that make me feel good when I get them done:

  • Read daily

o   I have stacks of books that have gone unread and it kills me knowing that I have large amounts of useful knowledge at my fingertips that I haven’t absorbed yet. I plan to use more time this week reading a personal book of some sort as well as an educational one instead of spending my down time watching TV or farting around on the internet).

  • Listen to podcasts

o   I’m a huge fan of Robb Wolf’s podcast and I try to listen to one or two episodes to and from my way to work on the days that I remember to do it. Dude is a fountain of knowledge and he’s enjoyable to listen to. If you’re looking for a podcast to follow and you want to learn more about your health through the facets of fitness, nutrition and training – download ‘The Paleo Solution Podcast’ and start doing your best impression of a sponge.

  • Record my dreams

o   Not everyone dreams but when I get proper sleep, I can’t stop myself from dreaming nightly. Whether or not it proves to be of any true meaning, I like to believe that dreams come with deeply routed messages at times and it’s up to us to decipher the lesson that is to be learned. The best way for me to accomplish this is to write them down upon waking, before I forget, and then return to these recordings at a later date and see if they hold any meaning or significance to me. Even if they don’t end up telling me anything about my journey, or myself it’s still a fun exercise to take part in.

  • Be more spiritual

o   While this may be strange to some, I enjoy staying tuned in to my spiritual side and I feel more at peace when doing so. This week I want to get back to that more than I have as of late by reminding myself to remain open to the universe and staying grounded by remembering to enjoy the ride, learn the lessons life has to offer and not to take anything too seriously. Another thing I like to do is spend a few minutes at night before I fall asleep to speak to my mother who passed away a few years back and send out good energy to loved ones and those who I feel may need it. Whether or not any of the messages or good energy gets through, it makes me feel good doing it so why not.

  • Stay one step ahead

o   Lastly, I find one of my major setbacks is failing to stay one step ahead of the game at all times. While I believe it is important to live in the moment, there is also benefit to being ready for what’s ahead and always planning at least one day in advance so as not to fall victim to poor decisions and less than desirable outcomes that could have been prevented with better preparation.

Well it’s time to sit down and enjoy the rest of my Sunday evening with my beautiful fiancé, which means it’s time to wrap this up. Here’s wishing you all an amazing start to your weeks tomorrow. See you on the other side,


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