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Road to Provincials: Day 4/231

By Dave Leek | In Gym, Mental Training, Self Image, Weight Training | on October 22, 2014

October 21, 2014

Road to Provincials: Day 4/231

Weight: 216.2

Feeling good today, with exception to my extremely sore legs and ass but I’m not complaining. One can’t drive around with a license plate that reads ‘LEG DAY’ without having a decent set of wheels on them so I’ve still got lots of work to do before I’m truly worthy.

I’m always extremely tired the next morning after training legs and it doesn’t help when I go to bed late… yeah, definitely shit the bed on going to sleep by 11 last night. Try closer to 1 *sigh*. I’m dragging ass a bit today but I’m feeling good nonetheless – I’ve got a full day of good food to fuel me, I’m about to hit some shoulders (favourite) and I’ve got a full day of awesome clients to train. I think I need to take a minute to shout them out by the way (and anyone I’ve trained in the past as well) – I feel I’m extremely lucky to work with the people I do. I always seem to get my hands on the people that want to work hard (instead of the duds who just want to come and waste time), and for that reason we get results. As a bonus, they’re all amazing people too. It feels great to have a profession where I am able to call my clients my friends as well and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. Their hard work day in and day out reminds me to get my ass in gear on the days I’m slacking and for that I owe them a big ‘thank you’.

Well the pre-workout I’m sipping as I type this is kicking in which means it’s time to go do some damage. Here’s workout #1 (I’m coming back to put in #2 later tonight with a couple of badass ladies):


Warmup – 5min

Handstand Walking – 3/max distance

Ball Slams – 3/6



BB Overhead Press – 4/3-5

Chest to Bar Chins (weighted) – 4/3-5

SA DB Push Press – 3/6

Pull Up Negatives (weighted) – 3/6

Deadlifts – 4/3-5


Core – 10min


Throwing down a bicep flex on shoulder day for some reason but let's run with it.
Throwing down a bicep flex on shoulder day for some reason but let’s run with it.


So I’m clearly not getting the idea behind ‘go to bed early’ because it’s almost one in the morning and I’m just getting ready to crash now. Fortunately I had good reason to be up a bit later and that was to put in a second workout with Christy Wolf and my wonderful fiancé, Dea Gravelle. As a general rule in life, when you have a chance to work out with two beautiful women, you don’t say no. It was a good lift and I’ll have some pictures to share later when I upload them but seeing as how that was the second beating my shoulders took for the day, I have a feeling I’m barely going to be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

The other downside to this was that I got home late, decided to watch a little bit of tv (big Ink Master fan) and got absolutely zero food prepped for tomorrow. Here’s hoping I can get up and get enough packed before leaving for work so that I don’t have to come home on my break to get food.

Time to hit the pillow and dream of having Kai Greene’s physique… and ponytail, that shit’s cool as hell.


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