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Road to Provincials: Day 3/231

By Dave Leek | In Gym, Mental Training, Uncategorized, Weight Training | on October 20, 2014

Weight 218.2

Monday, Monday, Monday… oh how I love thee. I actually hate Mondays but I love the fact that I get to feel like I’m making a mini fresh start each week. I’m off to an alright start today but I dropped the ball already by not having enough food prepped last night to follow my plan 100% today so I’m winging it a bit (still eating clean foods but in different combinations and order). I have a weakness for stopping at Tim Horton’s on the way to work and grabbing a breakfast sandwich along with my morning coffee on the days I neglect to get up early enough to prep my breakfast and that’s exactly what happened today. Something as small as this is going to prevent me from seeing changes weekly with my progress pics so that’s not going to happen again this week.

I have a hard time getting up in the morning but that’s something I have to make a serious push to improve this week. Last week was difficult because I was picking up my fiancé Dea from work at midnight most nights but this week I have no excuse. The goal is to get to bed by no later than 11pm and wake up for closer to 6am (right now I struggle to wake up and feel ready to go by 8!). I miss out on so much productive time by not being a morning person and then my busy days prevent me from getting as much done as I’d like to so everything get’s pushed back. Not good. I need to just start getting to bed earlier so that I can wake up feeling refreshed in the am at a suitable time. Old habits die hard though and I love me some night time GSD (getting shit done) so this one might be difficult.

Anyway, I’m hitting this blog entry a bit early today so I haven’t had a chance to hit the weights just yet (I’m actually typing this while I sip on my pre-workout). Here’s what’s on the docket for today:


Mobility – 5min

Handstand Work – 5min

Warmup – Stationary Bike – 5min


Leg Extension – 3/25

Leg Press – 4/50

Walking Lunges – 4/40 steps

Hack Squat – 3/20

BB RDLs – 4/12

Lying Hamstring Curls – 4/12

Standing Calf Press – 4/75

Seated Calf Press – 4/50

CV Work – Bike 20min


After I finish up here it’s time to put back a shake and meal, grab a tan if I have time and then train a few more clients before heading out to grab a few more groceries/supps and then home for the day. Busy day ahead of me but it’s what I need to get my week started off on the right foot. Have a good day folks and I’ll see you on the other side.


Workout was solid today. My legs felt exhausted down to the core as soon as I finished and they still feel like jelly. Tomorrow and Wednesday aren’t going to be comfortable but at least legs are done for the week.

I’m wrapping up the evening’s TO DO list – shopped for supplements, cooked up some more food, prepped tomorrow’s meals (no Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich for this guy) and did some client programming. Time to hit the sheets and see if I can wake my ass up a bit earlier tomorrow. Have a good night world.


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